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Hi! I’m Rose, an ex-corporate PR girl turned yoga teacher on a journey of self discovery.

In 2015, after four years working at a huge public relations agency in Chicago, I quit my job and set out to discover my true passions and purpose in life. I landed at Ratna Ling Retreat Center, a small Buddhist community in the redwood forests of Northern California. Essentially, the complete opposite of my life in Chicago.

After a year of self-work, I left California with a clearer head and heart, and a newfound love for community. I set off to Southeast Asia to follow my long time dream of becoming a yoga teacher.

For years my fears and ideas about who I was “supposed to be” got in my way. But, finally, I was ready to take the leap.

After completing my yoga teacher training, I spent the next eight months traveling and visiting intentional communities and permaculture projects in Thailand, Spain and Portugal. As I participated in different kinds of communal living and learned more about sustainability, I felt a connection I never had before.

I believe that alternative, cooperative living is the key to our future. Coming together with intention and a common purpose. Creating an environment where people can live in harmony and thrive outside of what our society has taught us is the “right” (i.e., only) way to live.

Mindfulness Project Community Group

As our world population continues to grow, we struggle with the challenges of poverty, stress on natural resources and damage to the environment. In the midst of this global expansion, a number of people are doing something different. They are living and working together in small groups, simplifying their lives, supporting themselves by producing their own resources. They are using a mindful and intentional approach to life in order to do what is best for one another, themselves and for the Earth.

The purpose of this website is to help you live your best life by sharing what I’ve learned about mindfulness and intentional living. To share my experiences living in intentional communities and offer resources that will help others.

To show what is possible when we change our perspective on what our lives “should” be. How we can change the world one person at a time, beginning with ourselves.

It took me several years to set out on this path. To leave behind a secure, well paying corporate job. To determine that living an intentional life and being part of a community are what make my heart feel full.

I invite you, dear reader, to join me on this journey of intentional living and community building. A journey of self discovery, challenges, learning and exploration. Whether you currently live in an intentional community, are on your own journey to discover meaning, or just want to be more sustainable and connected in your everyday life, I hope my stories speak to you.

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About Me
Hi, I’m Rose! An ex-corporate girl-turned yoga teacher on a journey to find greater purpose in life. I love mindfulness, community, and travel, and I’m always looking for the next adventure. I’m here to help you live your best life by offering resources for intentional living, community building and sustainability.
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